An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that can be found in coastal waters
and intertidal areas of Great Britain and Ireland.

Groups, Societies and Information
Stauromedusae UK
British Marine Life Study Society (Internal Link)
Marlin - The Marine Life Information Network
Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland
Conchological Society of Britain and Ireland
AlgaeBase - The biggest algae resource on the web
The Seaweed Site

UK Coastal Wildlife - Steve Trewhella Photography
Sealord Photography - A Wealth of Beautiful Marine Images
Estran 22 - A new and very informative French marine site
Marine and Estuarine Invertebrates of The Netherlands
Jason Gregory's British Marine Life Pictures

Wild Nature Press - Many marine life publications, publishers of extremely useful books and identification guides.

Local Links
The Cornish Coast - Beaches where dogs are allowed
Desirable Plants - Quality Plants by Mail Order
Pounsley Plants - Old-fashioned Roses by Mail Order

Seafood, fishing and accessories etc.
down the cove - An online shop dedicated to
the best of Cornish fishing and seafood.

Other Links
Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed - Health care products