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Cyanobacteria / Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria images)
Marine species

Cyanophyceae (Class) > Nostocophycideae (Subclass) > Nostocales (Order) > Rivulariaceae (Family)

Rivularia atra Roth ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886
- A Cyanobacterium

Rivularia biasolettiana Meneghini ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886 ? - A Cyanobacterium
Rivularia bullata Berkeley ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886
- A Cyanobacterium

Cyanophyceae (Class) > Oscillatoriophycideae (Subclass) > Oscillatoriales (Order) >Oscillatoriaceae (Family)

Oscillatoria tenuis C.Agardh ex Gomont
- A filamentous cyanobacterium

Oscillatoria type species near
Venton Farm, Marazion. 22.08.16.

Cyanophyceae (Class) > Synechococcophycideae (Subclass) > Pseudanabaenales (Order) > Pseudanabaenaceae (Family) > Spirulinoideae (Subfamily)

Spirulina subsalsa Oerstedt ex Gomont, 1892
- A spiral cyanobacterium

Terrestrial / coastal species

Cyanophyceae (Class) > Nostocophycideae (Subclass) > Nostocales (Order) > Nostocaceae (Family)

Nostoc commune Vaucher ex.Bornet & Flahault, 1888
- Witches' Butter

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