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marine themes, marinelife, life on the seashore and in rockpools
in the coastal waters of south-West England by David Fenwick.

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Eurydice pulchra Leach, 1815 - John Harvey bug (Isopoda Images)
Eurydice pulchra
- John Harvey bug 1

Eurydice pulchra
- John Harvey bug 2

Eurydice pulchra
- John Harvey bug 3

Species found in an uppershore / strandline pool with sandy botom at Sennen Cove, Penwith, Cornwall. 11.09.11. There were hundreds of these tiny isopods in a relatively small area. They were swimming frantically, and in manner reminiscent of how a whirlygig beetle swims on water.

Species is locally named the John Harvey bug after a local swimmer, who had his private parts attacked by the species whilst swimming.

Eurydice pulchra John Harvey Bug Isopoda Images
The main objective of this website is in furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography. To increase awareness and access to the wildlife of the region and help
people find and identify it. Sometimes the difference between species is obvious but many species can only be determined by observing microscopic characteristics that are specific to any one species.