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Marine and coastal plants and wildflowers
The list below provide a rough guide to the habitat where the species can be found. Please note a few of the species listed can occur in a variety of habitats and not just the one listed.

Marine Plants only found below High Water Mark
Zostera marina - Eel Grass, Sea Grass or Grass Wrack
Zostera noltei - Dwarf Eel Grass or Sea Grass

Beaches, Dunes and Dune Slacks
Ammophila arenaria - Marram Grass
Carex arenaria - Sand Sedge
Atriplex laciniata - Frosted Orache
Cakile maritima - Sea Rocket
Calystegia soldanella - Sea Bindweed
Crambe maritima - Sea Kale
Cynoglossum officinale - Hound's Tounge
Elytrigia juncea - Sand Couch
Eryngium maritimum - Sea Holly
Euphorbia paralias - Sea Spurge
Glaucium flavum - Yellow Horned Poppy
Matthiola sinuata - Sea Stock
Ophioglossum azoricum - Small Adder's Tongue
Ophioglossum vulgatum - Adder's Tongue
Pancratium maritimum - Sea Daffodil
Polygonum oxyspermum - Ray's Knotgrass
Romulea columnae - Sand or Warren Crocus
Salsola kali - Saltwort

Rocky Shores and Cliffs
Asplenium marinum - Sea Spleenwort
Armeria maritima - Sea Pink or Thrift
Carpobrotus edulis - Hottentot Fig
Crithmum maritimum - Rock Samphire
Erodium maritimum - Sea Stork's-bill
Inula crithmoides - Golden Samphire
Limonium binervosum - Rock Sea Lavender
Plantago coronopus - Buck's-horn Plantain
Plantago maritima - Sea Plantain
Rumex rupestris - Shore Dock
Scilla autumnalis - Autumn Squill
Scilla verna - Spring Squill
Silene uniflora - Sea Campion
Spergularia rupicola - Rock Sea Spurrey
Spiranthes spiralis - Autumn Lady's Tresses

Aster tripolium - Sea Aster
Atriplex portulacoides - Sea Purslane
Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima - Sea Beet
Cochlearia anglica - English Scurvygrass
Cochlearia officinalis - Common Scurvygrass
Elytrigia atherica - Sea Couch
Glaux maritima - Sea Milkwort
Salicornia dolichostachya - Long-spiked Glasswort
Salicornia europaea agg. - Common Glasswort
Salicornia ramosissima - Purple Glasswort
Sarcocornia perennis - Perennial Glasswort
Spartina anglica - Common Cord-grass
Spartina x townsendii - Townsend's Cord-grass
Spergularia marina - Lesser Sea Spurrey
Suaeda maritima - Annual Seablite
Triglochin maritima - Sea Arrow-grass

For more floral / botanical images of each of these species and more maritime species visit our sister botanical website APHOTOFLORA. A website dedicated to the photography and identification of wildflowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, ferns, orchids, grasses and lower plants which occur in the south-west region.

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