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Marine Bivalve Images (Class Bivalvia)
UK recorded non-native species or non-native invasive species are included within the main list species. Foreign shells, where included, have their own section below the main list of UK recorded species.

The author of this website is the curator of a mollusc collection held by the late Stella Turk C.B.E.. Many of the images on the following pages are of shells from this collection which is being used for both reference and research purposes.

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Archiheterodonta (Infraclass) > Carditida (Order)
Astarte and Goodallia

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Anomalodesmata (Superorder)
Lantern and Pandora shells

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Adapedonta (Order) and Imparidentia (Superorder) > Gastrochaenoidea (Superfamily)
Razor shells and Rock borers (Adapedonta) and Flask shells (Gastrochaenoidea)

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Cardiida (Order)
Cockles (Superfamily Cardioidea)
Tellin, Sunset and Furrow shells (Superfamily Tellinoidae)

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Lucinida (Order)
Lucinas and Cleftclams

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Myida (Order)
Gapers, Piddocks and Shipworms

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Myida (Order) > Dreissenoidea (Superfamily)
Zebra / Quagga mussels

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Venerida (Order)
Icelandic cyprine (Superfamily Arcticoidea)
Ox-heart cockle (Superfamily Glossoidea)
Venus and Carpet shells (Superfamily Veneroidea)

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Chamoidea (Superfamily)
Jewel boxes

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Galeommatoidea (Superfamily)
Kellyclams, Lasaeas, Weasel-eyes and Montagu shells

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Mactroidea (Superfamily)
Otter and Trough shells

Heterodonta (Subclass) > Euheterodonta (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Superorder) > Ungulinoidea (Superfamily)
Round double-tooth

Protobranchia (Subclass) > Nuculanida (Order)
Nut shells or Nut clams

Protobranchia (Subclass) > Nuculida (Order)
Nut shells

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Arcida (Order)
Ark shells and Dog cockles

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Limida (Order)
Gaping file or Flame shells

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Mytilida (Order)
Mussels and Crenellas

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Ostreida (Order) > Ostreoidea (Superfamily)

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Ostreida (Order) > Pinnoidea (Superfamily)
Fan mussels, Wing, Purse and Pearl oysters

Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Pectinida (Order) > Pectinoidea (Superfamily)
Scallops and Saddle oysters

Please send all Cornish records of marine molluscs, with images if possible, to David Fenwick. I will make sure records are collated and passed on to the national recorder at the Conchological Society of Britain and Ireland. I will also hold a set of records for use by other Cornish conchologists, researchers, and the Marine Biological Association. This is to ensure that open source free to use data gets on national databases.

For more information about bivalves visit the website of the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

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WANTED - Shells of any marine snail species that occur in SW England and that are not featured here. I intend to make the list above as comprehensive as possible, and for use as an online identification guide. Thank you. E-mail

Piddocks, Rock borers, Shipworms, Scallops, Queens, Tellins, Wedge shells, Furrow shells, Sunset shells, Venus, Artemis, Carpet shells, Double tooths, Trough shells, Otter shells, Gapers, Clams, Cockles, Dog cockles, Ark shells, Nut shells, Mussels, Oysters, Saddle oysters, Razor shells, Pod razors, Kellyclams, Lasaea, Lantern shells, Devon, Cornwall, Cornish, Kernow, Beach, Shells.

European Names:
Bivalves, Muscheln, Tweekleppigen, Bivalvos, Bivalvi, Molluscs, Weichtiere, Weekdieren, Mollusques, Moluscos, Molluschi.

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