An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that can be found in coastal waters
and intertidal areas of Great Britain and Ireland by David Fenwick.

APHOTOMARINE David Fenwick bibliography and awards
David Fenwick bibliography and awards
Authored and co-authored papers

New Invasive Nemertean Species (Cephalothrix simula) in England with High Levels of Tetrodotoxin and a Microbiome Linked to Toxin Metabolism.
Andrew D. Turner, David Fenwick, Andy Powell, Monika Dhanji-Rapkova, Charlotte Ford, Robert G. Hatfield, Andres Santos, Jaime Martinez-Urtaza, Tim P. Bean, Craig Baker-Austin and Paul Stebbing. Published 16.11.2018.

Specimens of a New Zealand terrestrial planarian, Artioposthia exulans (Dendy, 1901) (Platyhelminthes: Geoplanidae) from Cornwall, UK. Hugh D. Jones & David Fenwick Sr.. Journal of Natural History, 52:41-42, 2653-2663, (2018).

Biodiversity and systematics of stalked jellyfishes (Cnidaria: Staurozoa). Lucília S. Miranda; Yayoi M. Hirano; Claudia E. Mills; Audrey Falconer; David Fenwick; Antonio C. Marques; Allen G. Collins.

Martesia fragilis Verrill & Bush, 1898 in the North-east Atlantic. Overlooked and a recent new discovery.
Holmes, A., Fenwick, D., Ganey, P. & Williams, T..
Journal of Conchology. 42 (2): 2015.

Anadyomene stellata (Wulfen) C.Agardh (Anadyomenaceae , Chlorophyta) , a vagrant new to Britain. David Fenwick, Dr. Paul Gainey, Alan Alder and Professor Michael D. Guiry. March 2016.

Epibiont attachment of the brown alga Cladostephus spongiosus (Hudson) C. Agardh, 1817 (Phaeophyceae: Sphacelariaceae) on the Auger Shell Turritella communis Risso, 1826 (Gastropoda: Cerithiodea: Turritellidae). Declan T.G. Quigley & David Fenwick. PMNHS Bulletin 8: 2017.

First records of Calico Scallop, Argopecten gibbus (L.) and Transverse Ark Clam, Anadara transversa (Say, 1822) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from Irish waters. Declan T. G. Quigley, David Fenwick and Liam MacNamara.

Cerbera sp. (Apocynaceae) drift mesocarps: first record from British waters and a summary of previous records from north-western Europe. Declan T.G. Quigley and David Fenwick. Cah. Biol. Mar. (2019) 60 : 419-423.

Investigations into the little known and under-recorded
isopod genus Jaera. David Fenwick. PMNHS Bulletin 10: Autumn 2018, p51-55.

Hitchhiking northwards: on the presence of the invasive skeleton shrimp Caprella scaura in the United Kingdom. Gemma Martínez Laiz; José Manuel Guerra-García; Macarena Ros; David Fenwick; John Bishop; Tammy Horton; Marcus M Faasse and María Pilar Cabezas.

Marine turtles and their barnacles from Scottish waters and adjacent seas. M. O’Reilly, A. Brownlow, M. ten Doeschate, D. Fenwick & R. Penrose. The Glasgow Naturalist (online 2022) Volume 27, Part 4.

Revealing the diversity of the green Eulalia (Annelida, Phyllodocidae) species complex along the European coast, with description of three new species. Marcos Teixeira, Pedro E. Vieira, David Fenwick, Joachim Langeneck, Fredrik Pleijel, Bruno R. Sampieri, José Carlos Hernández, Ascensão Ravara, Filipe O. Costa and Arne Nygren. Published by Springer in Organisms Diversity & Evolution, Jan. 2023.


Integrative taxonomy reveals that not all European reddish runcinids are the same: the case of the Runcina ferruginea Kress, 1977 (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia, Runcinida) species-complex, with the description of a new genus.
Ana Karla Araujo, Marta Pola, Manuel Antonio E. Malaquias, Fabio Vitale and Juan Lucas Cervera.

Fine-scale species delimitation: speciation in process and periodic patterns in nudibranch diversity.
Tatiana Korshunova, Klas Malmberg, Jakov Prkić, Alen Petani, Karin Fletcher, Kennet Lundin and Alexander Martynov.

From 13 to 22 in a second stroke: revisiting the European Eumida sanguinea (Phyllodocidae: Annelida) species complex

Oligochaeten van brakke en zoute wateren in nederland (annelida: oligochaeta).
Ton van Haaren


A new terrestrial planarian species of the genus Marionfyfea (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) found in Europe.
Hugh D. Jones & Ronald Sluys

Distribution and species identification in the crustacean isopod genus Dynamene Leach, 1814 along the North East Atlantic-Black Sea axis.
Pedro E. Vieira, Henrique Queiroga, Filipe O. Costa and David M. Holdich.

The late blooming amphipods: Global change promoted post-Jurassic ecological radiation despite Palaeozoic origin.
Denis Copilaş-Ciocianua, Špela Borkob and Cene Fišer

NBN David Robertson Award 2015

Honorary Life Member of the National Biodiversity Network