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and diversity of marine life that can be found in coastal waters
and intertidal areas of Great Britain and Ireland by David Fenwick.

Lamp shell images (Phylum Brachiopoda)
Craniiformea (Subphylum)

Craniata (Class) > Craniida (Order) > Cranioidea (Superfamily) > Craniidae (Family)

Novocrania anomala (O. F. Müller, 1776)
- A craniid brachiopod *SNMNH

Rhynchonelliformea (Subphylum)

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order) > Terebratellidina (Suborder) > Kraussinoidea (Superfamily) > Kraussinidae (Family)

Megerlia truncata (Linnaeus, 1767)
- A kraussinid brachiopod *SNMNH

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order) > Terebratellidina (Suborder) > Laqueoidea (Superfamily) > Laqueidae (Family)

Glaciarcula spitzbergensis (Davidson, 1852)
- A laqueid brachiopod *NHM London

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order) > Terebratellidina (Suborder) > Megathyridoidea (Superfamily) > Megathyrididae (Family)

Argyrotheca cuneata (Risso, 1826)
- A megathyridid brachiopod *SNMNH

Megathiris detruncata (Gmelin, 1791)
- A megathyridid brachiopod *SNMNH

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order) > Terebratulidina (Suborder) > Terebratuloidea (Superfamily) > Terebratulidae (Family) > Gryphinae (Subfamily)

Gryphus vitreus (Born, 1778)
- A terebratulid brachiopod *SNMNH

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order) > Terebratellidina (Suborder) > Zeillerioidea (Superfamily) > Zeilleriidae (Family) > Macandreviinae (Subfamily)

Macandrevia cranium (O. F. Müller, 1776)
- A zeilleriid brachiopod *Turk

Rhynchonellata (Class) > Terebratulida (Order)
> Terebratulida incertae sedis (Suborder)
> Gwynioidea (Superfamily)

Gwynia capsula (Jeffreys, 1859) - A brachiopod * HH

*SNMNH - Photography from the Department of
Paleobiology Collections at the Smithsonian
National Museum of Natural History.

*NHM London - Photographs © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London.

*HH - Photography by Hans Hillewaert

*Turk - From the Turk collection, a collection of mollusca and other curios made by the late Stella Turk MBE, currently curated by the author of APHOTOMARINE.


Lamp shells / brachiopods, not native,
collected by the late Stella Turk MBE

Lingulida (Order)

Linguloidea (Superfamily) > Lingulidae (Family)

Lingula anatina Lamarck, 1801
- Common oriental lamp shell (not found in the UK)

Terebratulida (Order)

Terebratulidina (Suborder) > Terebratuloidea (Superfamily) > Terebratulidae (Family)

Terebratulid species? unknown origin


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