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Marine and Coastal Lichens Images (Marine Lichens)
All the following lichens can be found on the shore, either below or around mean high water mark.

Caloplaca marina - Orange Sea Lichen

Collema crispum - Crinkled Jelly Lichen

Collemopsidium species = Pyrenocollema halodytes

Hydropunctaria maura (Wahleb.) Keller, Gueidan & Thüs
syn. Verrucaria maura - Black Tar Lichen

Lichina confinis - A Lichen
Lichina pygmaea - Black Lichen

Ochrolechia parella - Parelle or Crab-eye Lichen

Ramalina siliquosa - Sea Ivory

Tephromela atra - Black Shields

Wahlenbergiella mucosa (Wahlenb.) Gueidan & Thüs 2009
syn. Verrucaria mucosa - A Marine / Tar Lichen

Wahlenbergiella striatula (Wahlenb.) Gueidan & Thüs
syn. Verrucaria striatula - A Tar Lichen

Xanthoria parietina - Common Orange Lichen

Verrucaria maura, Verrucaria mucosa and Verrucaria striatula are found on the shore. Other lichens can also be found between the tides, e.g. Collemopsidium species can be found on limpet shells and barnacles; Lichina pygmaea, Black Lichen, on uppershore rocks and Lichina confinis in the splash zone.

A few intertidal rock encrusting species of algae can be confused with lichens, these are Lithophyllum incrustans or Pink paint, the red Hildenbrandia rubra and the brown encrusting algae Ralfsia verrucosa or Limpet paint.

For many more images and species of lichens found on the coast visit The Lichen Gallery on the APHOTOFUNGI website.

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