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Mysida - Opossum or Mysid Shrimp Images (Crustaceans)
Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Heteromysinae (Subfamily)

Heteromysis (Heteromysis) norvegica G.O. Sars, 1882
- A mysid shrimp

Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Leptomysinae (Subfamily)

Leptomysis lingvura (G.O. Sars, 1866) ?
- A mysid shrimp

Leptomysis sp. ? (Porthcressa, Isles of Scilly, 24.07.17.)
- A mysid shrimp

Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Mysinae (Subfamily)

Neomysis integer (Leach, 1814) - A mysid shrimp

Paramysis sp. ? (Western Cressar, Penzance, 05.07.20.)
- A mysid shrimp

Paramysis sp. ? (Albert Pier reef, Penzance, 21.07.20.)
- A mysid shrimp

Praunus flexuosus (Müller, 1776) - Chameleon shrimp
Praunus neglectus (G.O. Sars, 1869)
- Chameleon shrimp

Schistomysis spiritus (Norman, 1860) ? - Ghost shrimp

Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Mysinae (Subfamily) > Hemimysini (Tribe)

Hemimysis lamornae (Couch, 1856) - A mysid shrimp

Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Mysinae (Subfamily) > Mysini (Tribe)

Mesopodopsis slabberi (Van Beneden, 1861)
- A mysid shrimp

Mysida (Order) > Mysidae (Family) > Siriellinae (Subfamily) > Siriellini (Tribe)

Siriella armata (Milne-Edwards, 1837) ?
- A mysid shrimp

Siriella clausii G.O. Sars, 1877 - A mysid shrimp
Siriella jaltensis Czerniavsky, 1868 ?
- A mysid shrimp

Unidentified mysid - Albert Reef, Penzance. 17.05.15.

Unidentified mysid shrimp found at Porth Nanven,
Cornwall, with prelarvae in brood pouch. 10.09.13.

Please note, there are numerous species of Opossum or mysid shrimps, their identification is difficult as features are microscopic and dissection is often needed to determine the species. Here the Ray Society book "British Mysidaceae" by Prof. W. M. Tattersall and Olive S. Tattersall, 1951; has been used to ''try'' and identify littoral specimens.

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