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Leptostraca - An order of small shrimp-like animals (Leptostraca images)
There are nine species of nebaliidae in the UK. Nebalia bipes is the most well know and recorded but all need to be examined microscopically to be correctly determined to species level..

Ref: A review of the Leptostraca of the British Isles with discussion of the genus Sarsinebalia Dahl by Edward McCormack, Christopher W. Ashelby and David McGrath. From Naupilus, The Journal of the Brazilian Crustacean Society.

Leptostraca (Order) > Nebaliacea (Suborder) > Nebaliidae (Family)

Nebalia herbstii Leach, 1814 - A nebaliid leptostracan

Various images of nebaliid leptostraca from Cornwall


Nebaliacea Leptostraca nebalia shrimp like animal Images UK