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Nematoda - Marine nematodes and eelworms (Marine nematode images)
Algal galls caused by nematodes

Rhabditida (Order) > Tylenchina (Suborder) > Tylenchomorpha (Infraorder) > Sphaerularioidea (Superfamily) > Anguinidae (Family)

Halenchus dumnonicus Coles, 1958
- A nematode causing galls on Fucus species

Halenchus fucicola (de Man, 1892) Cobb, 1933
- A nematode causing galls on Ascophyllum nodosum

Un-identified nematodes / eelworms

Spiny marine nematode found with Sabellaria alveolata,
Albert Pier reef, Penzance, Cornwall. 18.08.20.

Marine nematode / eelworm species found inside the Small gooseneck barnacle, Lepas pectinatus at Perranporth Beach, Cornwall. 30.01.15.

Marine nematode in sediment amongst mussels,
Newlyn Marina, Newlyn, Cornwall. 12.02.15.

Marine nematode in sample of fouling.
Newlyn Harbour, Newlyn, Cornwall. 08.04.15.

Marine nematode species found under a rock, lowershore, Battery Rocks, Penzance, Cornwall. 11.01.13.

Marine nematode in a sample collected
off the Lizard, Cornwall. 26.07.18.

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