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Tanaid images (Tanaidacea)
Collection of British Tanaids (Image 1200 x 900, 123Kb)

Apseudomorpha (Suborder) > Apseudoidea (Superfamily) > Apseudidae (Family) > Apseudinae (Subfamily)

Apseudes talpa (Montagu, 1808) - An apseudid tanaid

Apseudopsis latreillii (Milne Edwards, 1828)
- An apseudid tanaid

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Paratanaoidea (Superfamily) > Leptocheliidae (Family)
> Leptocheliinae (Subfamily)

Chondrochelia savignyi (Kroyer, 1842) syn. Leptochelia savignyi - A leptocheliid tanaid

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Paratanaoidea (Superfamily) > Paratanaoidea incertae sedis (Family)

Pseudoparatanais batei (Sars, 1882)
- A paratanaoid tanaid

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Tanaidoidea (Superfamily) > Tanaididae (Family) > Pancolinae (Subfamily) > Anatanaini (Tribe)

Zeuxo holdichi Bamber, 1990 ? - A tanaidid tanaid
(non-native species)

Zeuxo sp. 1 (Newlyn Marina) - A tanaidid tanaid
(non-native species)

Zeuxo sp. 2 (Newlyn Marina) - A tanaidid tanaid
(non-native species)

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Tanaidoidea (Superfamily) > Tanaididae (Family) > Pancolinae (Subfamily) > Pancolini (Tribe)

Hexapleomera wombat Bamber, 2012 - A tanaidid tanaid
(non-native species)

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Tanaidoidea (Superfamily) > Tanaididae (Family) > Sinelobinae (Subfamily)

Parasinelobus chevreuxi (Dollfus, 1898)
- A tanaidid tanaid

Tanaidomorpha (Suborder) > Tanaidoidea (Superfamily) > Tanaididae (Family) > Tanaidinae (Subfamily)

Tanais dulongii (Audouin, 1826) - A tanaidid tanaid

Other tanaid images
Tanaid with eggs, possibly a Zeuxo species. 24.03.15.

Tube-dwelling species of tanaid, a female with
developing embryos - Newlyn, Cornwall, 07.11.18.

A number of tanaids found around
the SW coast of the British Isles
(for comparison, not to scale)

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