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Oligochaete worms and Leeches - Class Clitellata (Marine worms images)
Clitellate oligochaetes (Clitellata)

Oligochaeta (Subclass) > Enchytraeida (Order)

Enchytraeidae (Family)

Lumbricillus sp. - An enchytraeid oligochaete
(Copperhouse Pool, Hayle, Cornwall. 18.08.16)

Lumbricillus sp. ? - An enchytraeid oligochaete
(Seaton Beach, Cornwall, 01.09.22.)

Marionina southerni (Černosvitov, 1937)
- An enchytraeid oligochaete

Oligochaeta (Subclass) > Haplotaxida (Order) > Tubificina (Suborder)

Tubificidae (Family) > Tubificinae (Subfamily)

Clitellio arenarius (Müller, 1776)
- A marine oligochaete or sludge worm

Tubificoides benedii (Udekem, 1855)
- A marine oligochaete or sludge worm

Tubificoides insularis (Stephenson, 1923)
- A marine oligochaete or sludge worm

Unidentified oligochaete species from
Sennen Cove, Cornwall, 14.07.17.

Unidentified oligochaete species from
Saltash, Cornwall, 04.03.18.

Collection of images of un-identified marine oligochaetes

Leeches (Hirudinea)

Euhirudinea (Infraclass) > Rhynchobdellida (Order)

Piscicolidae (Family)

Brumptiana lineata Knight-Jones & Llewellyn, 1984 ?
- on both on Topknot, Zeugopterus punctatus and the Longspined Sea Scorpion,Taurulus bubalis, a marine leech

Platybdellinae (Subfamily)

Oceanobdella microstoma (Johansson, 1896)
- A Marine leech on Taurulus bubalis

Euhirudinea (Infraclass) > Rhynchobdellida (Order)

Piscicolidae (Family) > Pontobdellinae (Subfamily)

Pontobdella muricata (Linnaeus, 1758)
- A Ray / Skate leech

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