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Sea anemone images (Orders Actiniaria, Ceriantharia and Corallimorpharia)
Cnidaria (Phylum) > Anthozoa (Class) > Hexacorallia (Subclass) > Actiniaria (Order)

Actiniaria incertae sedis (Superfamily)
> Metridiidae (Family)

Metridium dianthus (Ellis, 1768) syn. M. senile
- Plumose anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Athenaria (Infraorder) > Haloclavidae (Family)

Peachia cylindrica (Reid, 1848) - Clock face anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Thenaria (Infraorder) > Acontiaria (Superfamily) > Aiptasiidae (Family)

Aiptasiogeton pellucidus var. comatus Manuel, 1988
- Fairy anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Thenaria (Infraorder) > Acontiaria (Superfamily) > Diadumenidae (Family)

Diadumene lineata (Verrill, 1869)
- Orange-striped anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Thenaria (Infraorder) > Acontiaria (Superfamily) > Hormathiidae (Family)

Adamsia carciniopados (Otto, 1823) - Cloak anemone

Calliactis parasitica (Couch, 1842)
- Hermit, Parasite or Parasitic anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Thenaria (Infraorder) > Acontiaria (Superfamily) > Sagartiidae (Family)

Actinothoe sphyrodeta (Gosse, 1858)
- Sandalled anemone

Cereus pedunculatus (Pennant, 1777) - Daisy anemone

Sagartia elegans (Dalyell, 1848) - A Sea anemone
Sagartia troglodytes (Price in Johnston, 1847)
- Mud sagartia

Sagartiogeton undatus (Müller, 1778)
- Small snakelocks anemone

Nynantheae (Suborder) > Thenaria (Infraorder) > Endomyaria (Superfamily) > Actiniidae (Family)

Actinia equina (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Beadlet anemone - various images

Actinia equina (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Beadlet anemone - distinct scarlet form

Actinia equina (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Beadlet anemone - striped, dashed and dotted forms

Actinia fragacea Tugwell, 1856 - Strawberry anemone
Actinia prasina Gosse, 1860 - A Sea anemone

Anemonia viridis (Forskål, 1775)
- Snakelocks anemone or Opelet

Anthopleura ballii (Cocks, 1851)
- Red speckled anemone or Red speckled pimplet

Anthopleura thallia (Gosse, 1854) - Glaucus pimplet

Aulactinia verrucosa (Pennant, 1777)
- Gem anemone or Gem pimplet

Urticina felina (Linnaeus, 1761)
synonym Tealia felina (Linnaeus, 1767)
- Dahlia anemone or Dahlia wartlet

Protantheae (Suborder) > Gonactiniidae (Family)

Gonactinia prolifera (Sars, 1835) - A Sea anemone

Ceriantharia (Order)

Spirularia (Suborder) > Cerianthidae (Family)

Cerianthidae Milne Edwards & Haime, 1852
- A Tube anemone. Penzance Harbour 21.02.15.
Probably previously recorded as Cerianthus lloydii.

Corallimorpharia (Order)

Corallimorphidae (Family)

Corynactis viridis Allman, 1846
- Jewel anemone or Globehorn

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European Names - Anemones, Anemonen, Anemones, Anemonas, Anemoni.

European Names - Cnidarians, Nesseltiere, Neteldieren, Cnidaires, Cnidarios, Cnidari.

Recommended places to visit to see Anemones -
East Portholland (Cornwall), Spit Point (Par, Cornwall), Wembury near Plymouth, and the National Marine Aquarium at Plymouth.

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