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Ciliate protozoa (Ciliophora images)
Ciliophora (Phylum) > Intramacronucleata (Subphylum) > Ventrata (Infraphylum) > Nassophorea (Class) > Nassulida (Order) > Nassulidae (Family)

Nassula sp.? with Oscillatoria species of
cyanobacteria at Newlyn Harbour, 07.05.16.

Ciliophora (Phylum) > Intramacronucleata (Subphylum) > Ventrata (Infraphylum) > Oligohymenophorea (Class) > Peritrichia (Subclass) > Sessilida (Order) > Vorticellidae (Family)

Epistylis-like Vorticellid on annelid Phyllodoce mucosa

Vorticella or Pseudovorticella in pool on Ulva intestinalis

Colonial ciliate on stipe of Guiryi's Wrack, Fucus guiryi

Colonial ciliate on anascan bryozoan, Bugulina simplex

Colonial ciliate on hydrotheca of Dynamena pumila

Ciliophora (Phylum) > Intramacronucleata (Subphylum) > Ventrata (Infraphylum) > Phyllopharyngea (Class) > Suctoria (Subclass) > Exogenida (Order) > Dendrosomididae (Family)

Suctorian ciliate, Ophryodendron sp., on the amphipod Leucothoe sp., from Helford, Cornwall.

Ciliophora (Phylum) > Postciliodesmatophora (Subphylum) > Heterotrichea (Class) > Heterotrichida (Order) > Folliculinidae (Family)

Unicellular folliculinid ciliophoran on the Dirty sea squirt, Ascidiella aspersa, 14.10.14.

Unicellular folliculinid ciliophoran on Red Tongue Weed,
Apoglossum ruscifolium, 30.06.15.

Unicellular folliculinid ciliophoran on bivalve, Prickly saddle oyster, Heteranomia squamula, 29.08.15.

Un-identified specimens
Stalked ciliate protozoa on the parasitic copepod Notodelphys cf. caerulea from biofouling at Newlyn 09.09.17.

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