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and diversity of marine life that can be found in coastal waters
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Porcelain crabs, Stone crabs, Hermit crabs and Squat lobsters - Anomura (Crustacean images)
Porcelain crabs

Anomura (Infraorder) > Galatheoidea (Superfamily) > Porcellanidae (Family)

Porcellana platycheles (Pennant, 1777)
- Broad-clawed porcelain crab

Pisidia longicornis (Linnaeus, 1767)
- Long-clawed porcelain crab

Stone or King crabs

Anomura (Infraorder) > Lithodoidea (Superfamily) >
Lithodidae (Family)

Lithodes maja (Linnaeus, 1758) - Northern stone crab
or Norwegian king crab (Photography by Paul Semens)

Hermit crabs

Anomura (Infraorder) > Paguroidea (Superfamily) > Diogenidae (Family)

Clibanarius erythropus (Latreille, 1818)
- St. Piran's hermit crab

Diogenes pugilator (Roux, 1829) - A Hermit crab

Anomura (Infraorder) > Paguroidea (Superfamily) > Paguridae (Family)

Anapagurus hyndmanni (Bell, 1846) - A Hermit crab

Pagurus bernhardus (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Common hermit crab

Pagurus cuanensis Bell, 1845 - Hairy hermit crab
Pagurus prideaux Leach, 1815
- Prideaux's, Deep or Anemone hermit crab

Squat lobsters

Anomura (Infraorder) > Galatheoidea (Superfamily) > Galatheidae (Family)

Galathea dispersa Bate, 1859 - A Squat lobster
Galathea nexa Embleton, 1834 - Fury squat lobster
Galathea squamifera Leach, 1814
- Scaly / Black squat lobster or Montagu's plated lobster

Galathea strigosa (Linnaeus, 1761)
- Spinous squat lobster

Anomura (Infraorder) > Galatheoidea (Superfamily) > Munididae (Family)

Munida rugosa (Fabricius, 1775) - Rugose squat lobster


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