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Encrusting algae (Encrusting algae images)
Encrusting brown algae (Ochrophyta)

Phaeista (Subphylum) > Limnista (Infraphylum) > Fucistia (Superclass) > Phaeophyceae (Class) > Ralfsiales (Order)

Ralfsiaceae (Family)

Ralfsia verrucosa (Areschoug) Areschoug, 1845 ?
- Limpet Paint

Phaeista (Subphylum) > Limnista (Infraphylum) > Fucistia (Superclass) > Phaeophyceae (Class) > Scytosiphonales (Order)

Scytosiphonaceae (Family)

Stragularia clavata (Harvey) G.Hamel, 1939 ?
- A Brown encrusting algae

Some asexual phases of brown seaweed are also encrusting e.g. the Cutleria multifida (asexual Aglaozonia phase) of Cutler's Many Cleft Weed

Encrusting red algae (Rhodophyta)

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Hildenbrandiophycidae (Subclass) > Hildenbrandiales (Order)

Hildenbrandiaceae (Family)

Hildenbrandia rubra (Sommerfelt) Meneghini, 1841 ?
- An Encrusting red algae

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Corallinophycidae (Subclass) > Corallinales (Order)

Corallinaceae (Family) > Lithophylloideae (Subfamily)

Lithophyllum corallinae (P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan) Heydrich, 1897 - An Encrusting red algae
Lithophyllum incrustans R.A.Philippi, 1837
- Common Pale Paint Weed or Pink Paint

Titanoderma pustulatum (J.V.Lamouroux) Nägeli, 1858
- Little Gem Paint Weed

Corallinaceae (Family) > Mastophoroideae (Subfamily)

Pneophyllum Kützing, 1843 species ?
- An Encrusting red algae

Pneophyllum species possibly P. fragile Kützing 1843
- An Encrusting red algae

Hapalidiaceae (Family) > Melobesioideae (Subfamily)

Lithothamnion corallioides (P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan)
P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan, 1867 - Maerl

Melobesia membranacea (Esper) J.V.Lamouroux, 1812
- An Encrusting red algae

Mesophyllum lichenoides (J.Ellis) Me.Lemoine, 1928
- Pink Plates or Pink Plate Weed

Phymatolithon calcareum (Pallas) W.H.Adey & D.L.McKibbin, 1970 and / or Lithothamnion corallioides P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan, 1867 - Maerl, a coralline algal gravel
Phymatolithon lenormandii (Areschoug) W.H.Adey, 1966 ?
- An Encrusting red algae

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Peyssonneliales (Order)

Peyssonneliaceae (Family)

Peyssonnelia Decaisne, 1841 sp.
- An Encrusting red algae

Unknown encrusting red algae overgrowing epibionts on
stipe of Treptacantha sp.. (Newlyn Harbour 28.01.17)

Other images of encrusting algae
Bleaching of encrusting algae due to evaporation
of seawater in shallow pool during the summer

Encrusting algae in need of identification

Many thanks to Professor Michael Guiry for his help in identifying some of the seaweeds featured on this page.
Michael Guiry's Seaweed Website

Other people have also provided advice about the algae on this page and numerous reference books have been used.

These include -

Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland (Seasearch) by Francis Bunker, Christine Maggs, Juliet Brodie and Anne Bunker. Published by Wild Nature Press

Volumes of Seaweeds of the British Isles by the Natural History Museum

Seaweeds by W. Braune and M. D. Guiry

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